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Goosebay Sawmill & Lumber
(603) 798-5135
83 Dover Road Route 4
Chichester, NH

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Gilford Home Center
(603) 524-1692
32 Gilford East Dr
Gilford, NH
Belmont True Value Hardware
(603) 267-8510
131 Main St
Belmont, NH
(603) 729-2016
48 Lowes Drive
Tilton, NH
M-SA 7 am - 9 pm
SU 8 am - 7 pm

Alton True Value&country Sply
(603) 875-3241
Monument Sq - Main St
Alton, NH
(603) 556-6032
1407 Lakeshore Road
Gilford, NH
M-SA 6 am - 9 pm
SU 8 am - 7 pm

True Value Hardware
(603) 524-1601
1084 Union Ave
Laconia, NH
Bryant&lawrence True Value Hdw.
(603) 286-4322
268 Main St
Tilton, NH
Bay Supply True Value
(603) 569-1484
1 Bay St
Wolfeboro, NH
E M Heath True Value Hardware
(603) 253-4381
318 Whittier Highway
Center Harbor, NH
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Easy Do’s And Don’ts To Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

by Special to Casa Latina on July 19, 2010

in Go Green

There’s no need to uproot your life in order to make your home more green and energy-efficient. It can be easy. Experts at leading window fashions manufacturer Hunter Douglas, which pioneered energy efficiency at the window with the introduction of the world’s first honeycomb shade, offer the following tips:

Do Add Insulation to Your Windows

Remember that up to 50 percent of a home’s heating and cooling energy is lost through them. Highly insulating Duette® Architella® honeycomb shades can more than double the energy efficiency of a window and reduce heating and cooling costs. Additionally, under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, federal tax credits for energy-efficient products are available for 30 percent of the cost of most Duette Architella® shades, up to a maximum of $1,500 in total, when purchased and installed through December 31, 2010, provided the expense meets the tax guidelines. These are the first and only window shades to qualify for the tax credit without add-on insulation systems. More information on the tax credit is available at .

Do Go On a Power Strip

Power strips aren’t just for your computer gear. Use them for TV’s, VCR’s and appliances – electronic “vampires” that suck electricity to tune of $1 billion a year when not in use. Turn them off with one quick click.

Do Improve and Maintain Your Mechanical Systems

Service and clean your gas or oil furnace at least once a year. Keep your heating and air conditioner filters clean and replace your fiberglass filters with reusable, washable ones. Invest in a programmable thermostat that lets you set temperatures for different times of the day. 

 In summer, set your thermostat as high as possible without sacrificing comfort. The less difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures, the lower your overall cooling bill will be. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, in colder months turning the heat down from 72 to 65 degrees for at least eight hours a day can reduce heating bills by 10 percent.

Do Watch Your Air Conditioning Units

Remove air-conditioning units in the fall because they invite drafts. Or, use an insulated jacket on the exterior. Keep in mind that an air conditioning unit in the shade uses as much as 10 percent less electricity than the same one operating in the sun.

Also consider using an interior fan instead of an air conditioner or in conjunction with your window air conditioner to spread the cooled air more effectively throughout your home without greatly increasing your power use.

Do Replace Conventional Incandescent Light Bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Ones (CFL’s) and Make the Most of Natural Light

CFL’s cost a little more, but last up to 10 times longer, use two-thirds less energy and give off 70 percent less heat. Turn off lights and electronics when you leave the room. 

And, utilize natural light and r...

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energy efficient models

Post image for Being Kinder To Our Planet And To Our Bottom Line: Part Two

Being Kinder To Our Planet And To Our Bottom Line: Part Two

by Marlene Pratt on May 1, 2009

in Go Green

In a perfect world, we would replace all of our household appliances with more energy efficient models. Unfortunately that is not a realistic option. Instead, the next best approach is to make sure the appliances we have are functioning properly. The following is what you need to know about how to better use your existing [...]


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