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Suburban Gas Incorporated
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Bowman Appliance Sales & Service
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1434 Lasseter Rd
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Holman Heating & Air Conditioning
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Brothers Wholesale Appliances
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Etowah Refrigeration Service
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Appliance Parts Of Gadsden
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Clevenger Appliance Service
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Harold'S Service And Appliance Co
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Plumbers Wholesale Supply Co Inc
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Cooper A-1 Appliances
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Spring Into Barbecue Season in Five Easy Steps!

by Special to Casa Latina on April 5, 2011

in Design Studio

Our friends at Napoleon Fireplaces & Grills have offered up a few tips for preparing your BBQ for that first piece of delectable mouth watering T-bone steak this Spring. The following tips are simple and will have you and your BBQ in top grilling condition before you know it. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a cold one (or two) and get to work!

Napoleon’s Top Five Tips For Preparing Your BBQ This Spring:

Have Your Cleaning Supplies Ready

You wouldn’t cook in a dirty kitchen, so why would you grill on a dirty barbeque? In order to sanitize and deep clean your grill, you will need the following products: a brass wire brush, small pail to hold hot water, dish soap, venturi brush, a 1/16” drill bit, replacement grease cups, spatula, stainless steel cleaner and some fine sandpaper. 

Give Your Grill A Good Spring Cleaning

The cleaning supplies listed will help clean every nook and cranny of your barbeque.


  •  Start With The Burners: It is easier to detach the burners and take them out of the grill for a very thorough cleaning. Pass a venturi brush through the burners to snag out any blockages then brush the tops of the burners using a brass wire brush. Once the burners are cleaned, check all of the burner ports to ensure that they are opened. If some are closed with food particles you can use a 1/16” drill bit to open them.
  • Water Works Wonders: Sear plates and cooking grills should be washed with hot soapy water. Simply brush the top side of your cooking grills with a little oil to re-season them. Hot soapy water works wonders on the cast base and sides of the grill and to remove grease splatters on the outside of the grill. For porcelain lids a thorough washing should suffice, for stainless steel lids a stainless steel cleaner should be used to remove any discoloring. Once the paint is dried, brush the cast aluminum with a little olive oil, this helps restore the luster and prevent oxidation.
  • Lastly, use a spatula to scrape grease from the inside of the base all the way down towards the drip pan. Remove the drip pan and give it a good washing and be sure to replace the tin foil grease catcher.

Inspect All Hoses And Feed Tubes

Once your cleaning is done it is a good idea to visually inspect all hoses and feed tubes on your grill. Look for any crimps, scratching and or punctures, if you detect any of these, it is time to replace the hoses.

Do A ...

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